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Most studios struggle with naming images but why is this so important? Product photography is all about visualising products and ones a picture is produced it must be related to that product in one way or the other. Most companies will use article number as the basis for naming images. GS1, the standardisation organisation, recommends using GTIN as the basis for image naming.

The challenge is that most cameras will produce image naming based on some form of serial number related to the order of photography. With thousands of images representing thousands of products it is a challenging task linking an image to a product. Most companies are stuck with a manual process of renaming the images. Regardless of naming strategy this work will have to be done, a work that is extremely time consuming and with quality issues.

Here are three strategies to make the work of naming images easier:

  1. Use bar codes when shooting images
  2. Use photo systems that allow bar code scanning
  3. Use systems that support renaming of images

Use barcodes when shooting images

If you use “CaptureOne” in your photo process you may use barcodes in your photo process. You can integrate a barcode scanner with “CaptureOne” and every time you take a photo you start with scanning the right barcode and then take your photo.

The benefit is that you get images that are named correctly already when photographing them. If you settle with GTIN you may scan the barcode already tagged with the product.

The drawback is that you may have to create barcode labels if you can´t use GTIN. Also, if you use GTIN you may still end up in renaming so you get the angles right, i.e. front, back detail, etc.

Use support systems that support renaming of images

Some of the more advanced photo systems already have support for bar code scanning when taking images, e.g. Styleshoots. In these systems you can scan barcodes using already integrated scanners and software. The output is ready named images.

Produce better visual content - assetflw

The benefit is clear, you can handle both image naming and photo angles straight out of the machine. You still must create barcodes and tag products if you can´t settle with GTIN but this may be well worth it because the speed of photography will increase.

The drawback is that it is the required investment cost. Also, these machines tend to be tailored for specific usage so you may end up with a studio that still can’t support all your photo types.

Use support systems that support renaming of images

There aren´t many solutions on the market but some are emerging, like our own Assetflow. These solutions are tailored to manage studio work and to remove all tedious and intense manual work from normal studio work. The benefit of using these solutions is apparent when it comes to renaming images.

In Pagonoflow you are provided with functions such as:

  • You can take images straight from the camera and drop it onto a product view and the system will rename the image for you automatically.
  • If you use GTIN and still wish to have Article number, an intelligent naming patterns will automatically rename images when bulk uploading.
  • If you want to create barcodes this can be done automatically, barcodes are generated by the system based on your product information.
Fred Bertenstam

Fred Bertenstam

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