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Add product information


Before adding product information to Assetflw you must make sure that all the product attributes has been defined that is required in the product listing.

To add Fields in the product listing, please see Add Product Attributes

Add product information

Product information can be added in several ways depending on where you are in the process. The two main possibilities to add product information are:

  1. Via the general product listing
  2. Via the Work Order

Via the general product listing

To get to the general product listing, click on “Products” in the navigation menu. This will list all your products available in the system

Once in the product listing view there are two ways to add information:

  • Action
    1. Add manually
    2. Import via Excel

Adding manually is typically done when adding single products. This opens up a form where you re able to add information

Importing via excel is mostly used when importing many products at the same time. Either way you add information it is important to recognise that some fields may be mandatory and some will be optional

If some products are already imported the new import will update the previous imports.This is useful if you want to add, or update, certain fields in existing product information.

Via the Work Order

Adding product information via the Work Order is normally done if you want to create a work order and then add product at the same time. To add product information via the Work Order you must first select “Work Orders” from the main menu and then select the Work Order you want to add product information to. If you don´t have any Work Orders you must first create one, see section “Creating Work Orders”:

  1. Click “Work Orders” in the main menu
  2. Select a Work Order
  3. Click on the Products tab on the Work Order
  4. Click “Add” products
  5. Select Import or Add manually
  6. Importing via excel functions the same way as in importing via the general listing

NOTE: Adding Products via Work Order will automatically add the products to the Work Order as well as to the system in general.

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