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Configure Product Attributes

Product Attributes defines what typ of information can be stored in Assetflw as well as what should be shown in the product listings. To be able to edit or add product attributes you should

  1. Select “Settings” from the main menu
  2. Select “Advanced” from the dropdown menu

In the menu you will find “Product Attributes” on the left hand side. Clicking on this will show all available attributes and their behaviour.

Each attribute can be Edited, Copied or Deleted.

Note that deleting an attribute will delete all data that is related to this attribute.

Adding Product Attribute

Adding a new attribute will open a panel on the right hand side where you will fill in som information. There are four different types of attributes:

  1. Text – Is normal text
  2. Tags – Are predefined values that can be added as a list
    1. Here you may chose to have color tags or plain tags
  3. Image URL – Are options to add links to display externa images in the product list
  4. Hex Code Square – Is an option to add hex codes to show color squares, e.g. #0000 will show a black square in the listing

Each attribute must have a name. The name will also create a “slug” within brackets, this is used to create “Asset upload identifier” and “Asset naming definition“.

Editing a Product Attribute

When adding ocr editing an attribute there are a nr of options to consider. Apart from selecting a name and a type you must consider the following options:

Here you determine if the attribute is required or not. If this is set to true you cannot import or add any product without this attribute

At least one attribute must be used to identify a product. This means that this attribute must be unique and cannot exist two times in the system

This defines if the attribute should be available in the product listing or not. If de selected the attribute will not be available for displaying in any of the product listings. 

Assetflw has a feature to create a super filter that will be available above the product columns in the general product listing. This is very useful if you have a certain attribute in the listing that you want to select on a more permanent basis when working with a large set of data. Example of this is Type of product or Seasons etc.

If you have the project module installed you may want to create projects with project dependant data. An example of this is if you are working with carry over products, e.g. products that are photographed again and again but for different seasons. This requires that you have the project module installed and that you have defined any projects. A project could be a season as an example.

The sort order will tell in which order the attributes will be listed in the product listing. We recommend that you use values between 10 to 99.

Yo may set a tag to be project specific, this means that the value will differ between the projects. This is specifically useful if you have carry over products that will exist in two or more seasons (what we call projects).

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