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Edit product Information


If you have a lot of product information already in Assetflw and you wish to edit that information there are essentially two ways to do that, either one by one or by multi selection.

Editing one-by-one

  • Go to the general “Product” view and search for a product.
    • Note: there are several ways to search and filter product and this is covered in a separate section.
  • ¬†Once you find your product, you click on the product to editi it
    • This opens up a detailed view with all the available product information
  • If you are allowed to edit the product you can now change any information on the product and save it

NOTE: Some fields may be mandatory or required som they can’t be left empty. Also important to know that at least one field will be “Unique” and itcant be the same ase any of the other fields and they will never be editable via multi-selection.

Edit via Multi selection

Multi selection can be done either in the main Product view or via the “Search/Scan multiple” view. However, not everything can be edited in multi selection as this will set the same value in a specific column on all the products selected. The things that can be edited by multi selections is:

  • Check-in/out
  • Change status
  • Change Tags
  • Status fields

NOTE: There are some other fields avalable to edit on Work Order, this is detailed on a separate chapter

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