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Import Product Information using Excel


Before adding product information to Assetflw you must make sure that all the product attributes has been defined that is required in the product listing.

To add Fields in the product listing, please see Add Product Attributes

Import information

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Prepare the excel

In order to import product information you must first prepare the document with the correct data. There will be some mandatory fields, they are defined under the section: 

“Settings/Advanced/Product attributes”

Please see Configure product attributes in the help section.

These mandatory attributes could be product number or EAN (GTIN) or something that makes each item in the list unique.

Download one product to get a template

If you are uncertain what the format looks like you can always download oneproduckt together a template. Please go to the product listing view and filter one product, then press export. This will give you an excel file with all the required headings.

Start importing

When you start importing you must have access to the importing function. Once you can access the importing function you will should follow these steps

  1. Select a file to import.
  2. Map columns in your excel with the system
    1. If you use a template from the system you may just click “Includes header row”
    2. This will automatically mapp columns
  3. Then press import

What can't be imported

Currently you may only import text information. This means that you can’t import tags.

Tags needs to be updated on the items after import.

After import

If you use Projects (some call it seasons) you must add products to the right product. This can be achieved in several ways but the two best ways are:

  1. Select “None” in the project listing and check that this is your newly imported products
  2. Go to search and scan and copy/pace your key column in the search tab, e.g. the list of EAN codes. This should list all your items

These are two ways you can use to find your newly imported products. From this views you can select all products and use the action menu “With selected” to change which project (season) they belong to,

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