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Models in Assetflw


Assetflw supports the use of model information in the photo process. This is very helpful of you want to know what model was used in a specific model shoots, add user rights, or model info such as model length. This is information that can be very helpful to provide to your e-commerce site and will help customer make better purchase decisions. It is also helpful to set the time an image may be used.

Adding model information

Simply click on the menue “Models” in the topbvar and this will display all the models that have been defined. Cureently you can add the following information

Currently you may add the following information to the model:

  • Nick name
  • Image
  • Detail description
  • Tags
  • Length

You simply add the relevant information and possibly an image so it is easy to recognise models.

We may easily add more information depending on requirements from customers

Editing and Deleting model

Editing and deleting models from the system is as easy as adding them. Simply select the madel menu again and select the model you want to edit or delete. Change the data or smply delete the model.

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