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The organisation defines the name of your organisation and the nr of users you have, their User name and e-mail adress. This is also where you invite users.

  • Users are invited by clicking on “Add user”.
  • You will be instructed to enter their user e-mail which is the key user identifier in Assetflw.
  • Once you press “Send invite” an e-mail is sent to the recipient.
  • The recipient will recieve an invite in his or her e-mail inbox.

NOTE: Sometimes the mail ends up in the spam inbox as many e-mail services are very strict in analysing incoming mail.

Once an invite is sent it will appear as a paper aeroplane and there will be no name icon on the user. Once the use has logged for the first time he/she will appear user icon, a read circle with the initials in it. This is how you can see if the invitation has been accepted.

Accepting the invitation

The invitation sent to a user must be accepted before the invitee can access the system. This is done by clicking in the invite butting in the invitation e-mail.

The user has to set his/her name and select a password for Assetflw. The user is automatically logged in the first time.

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