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Realeas notes 22-06-06


Current release was published on the 6:th of June 2022 and contains:

  • A new project module
  • Layout changes on product listing
  • Functional enhancements
  • Bug fixes

A new project module

Projects is a way to arrange your work into different projects. This allows you to sort and arrange your Product Information and Work Orders by specific projects. Each project may then be part of a project and you can set project specific information on each product and on Work Orders.

You may have a product that is a carry over between seans but you want to tag and manage it individually per season. Another example may be where you have different clients and want to make sure you can separate them between each other.

For more details, see “Projects” in the support pages

Layout changes on product listing

In both the general product list view and the work order product list view we have rearranged the search and filter option.

General product list view

Work order product list view

Functional enhancements

The functional enhancements are as follows:

  • Changed the way to create Work orders
    • Process is now only one form that shows on the right when you create the work order
  • Add product to work order from the general product list view
    • Select one or more product and use the “with selected” and chose “Add to work order”
  • Added listing of number of products, Assets and products without any assets in the General product liust view¬†
  • Added link to support site
    • In the top right corner there is a symbol next to the user profile button that leads to the support site.
    • Here you fine instructions and guides how to use the system

Bugg fixes

Several bugg fixes mainly related to managing Work Orders and product information has been implemented.

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