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Work Order


Work orders (WO) are central to Assetflw. This is where you link products to Assets and plan you photography task. It may be todays work, this week’s work, etc.

A Work Order in Assetflw is what ties everything together, it is where we link an Asset to a product and assign specific characteristics to the Asset. The different actions that can be done are:

  1. List Work Orders
  2. Create Work Order (WO)
  3. Add Product(s) to WO
  4. Add Style Guide to Product(s) in WO
  5. Add Model to product(s) in WO
  6. Add Sub products to product(s) WO
  7. Upload Assets to WO

List of work Orders

To see all the Work Orders and create new Work Orders you click on the Work Order menu at the top. This will give you a list of all existing Work Orders.

The list will contain several different columns with information. The user may select which columns should be visible. By clicking on the “Columns” button to the right, you may choose your own personal settings.

Which information that is visible as columns are also possible to define, this is done under the Advance Settings are applies to all users. NOTE: You need Admin authority to be able to change what information should be visible as columns in the Work Order listing page.

Filters on Work Orders

As a user you may filter data on columns when you work. What is available as filters are defined on the Work Order settings page under Advanced settings. NOTE: you need Admin authority to define what type of filters should be available.

As a user, you click on the “Filter” button and select how you want to filter the information. NOTE: by default, none of the Archived Work Orders are visible. If you want to include them you have to tick the check box called “Include archived”.

Create Work Order

To create a Work Order, you click on the “New Work Order” button at the top center of the Work Order List page. This will Open a Panel that shows all the available fields that should be filled out

NOTE: Almost all the fields on the Work Order is dynamically defined under Advance settings (link). You need to have Admin authority to be able to change and/or add fields.

The mandatory fields that cannot be deleted are Status, Studio And Description.

Add products to WO

Once you have a Work Order, you must add products to the Work Order. These are the products that you intend to shoot. There are several different ways to add products to the Work Order. From inside the Work Order, you simply go to the “Products” tab and click “Add product”. Here you have three choices:

  1. Browse and select (Search already existing products)
  2. Import excel (Upload an excel with products)
  3. Add products (Add products manually by filling out the fields)

Once this is done and you click “Next, you get the choice of adding a Style Guide to the products, see “Add Style Guide to product” below.

NOTE: you don’t have to add a style guide at this point, this can be done later. If so, you simply click next.

Other ways of adding products to a Work Order is:

  • Add by “Scan/Search Multiple”
  • Add via the Product list

In both these chooses you can find any nr of products and use the function “With selected” and then “Add to Work Order”. From here you can select the Work Order that you want to add products to.

Add Style Guide to WO

A style guide defines all the view you want to have on a product, e.g. front, back, detail, etc. A pre-requisite is that you have defined at least one style guide, se Style Guides for information on how to add a Style Guide.

Adding a style guide is easy and can be done on one or more products at the same time. If you want to have the same Style Guide for all the products in the Work Order you do the following:

  1. Select all the products (click on the top selection box in the product list)
  2. Click on “With selected” and chose “Edit style guide”
  3. I panel opens up on the right-hand side
  4. Select the style guide you want to use and then select the views you want to add
  5. Click Add and then Save to confirm your choice

NOTE: you may clear all the style guide already associated with the product if necessary, simply click on “Clear All” and then “Save”.

Add Model

If you are doing Model photography you may want to add Model information to either the Work Order or to specific product(s). If you decide that all the products in a Work Order will be shot with the same model you may add the model to the Work Order as a whole. This is then done when you create to Work Order.

However, if you wish to have several models on the same Work Order but with different products you may add a Model to any specific product or products. You do this by:

  1. Select the product(s) you wish to add a Model to
  2. Choose “With selected” and click “Edit model”
  3. A panel is shown to the right
  4. Select the model that you want to add
NOTE: the relevant information on the model is defined under “Models” in the main menu 
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