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The use of cookies by Profoto

A cookie is a text file containing information stored on the device used to access a website. In accordance with the Electronic Communications Act (2003:389), all visitors must consent to and be informed regarding the use of cookies on a website. Profoto’s cookies also processes IP-numbers, which in many cases contain personal data. For more information regarding our processing of personal data, please see our privacy policy. Due to our implementation of cookies, we are obliged to inform you regarding our use of cookies. The information must contain the following facts:

  • That the website has implemented cookies.
  • What the cookies are used for.
  • How visitors can avoid cookies.

Profoto implements cookies at our website in the form of three different types.

The first type of cookie is a file that at most times is permanently stored on your device and is used by Profoto  in order to improve your user experience. This includes, amongst other things, the ability for Profoto  to adjust the website in accordance with your preferences, choices and interests.

The other type of cookie is a so called session cookies that is used by Profoto to identify you during the time you are visiting the website. This cookies is subsequently erased when you shut down your web browser.

The third type of cookie is provided by a third party in order to conduct web analysis and measurement of traffic flow.

You always have the ability to change the settings of the web browser that you are using in case you wish to not have any cookies stored on your device. If you turn off the storage cookies, it might affect your user experience. If you have any questions regarding Profoto’s use of cookies, you are welcome to get in touch with us at


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