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ProStudio for workflow features


Core functions

Dynamic system configuration
Configurable product information
Import/Export product information via excel
Digital style guides
Work order
Barcode scanning
Asset handling
Upload assets
Dynamic renaming of assets
Version control
Meta data
Multi-level status handling
User management


Import large amounts of data
Plan what to shoot and when
Set dynamic tags and fields on products to prioritize
Set status on products to know what’s ready
Filter and search vast amounts of product data

Work order

Create work orders for specific shoots
Assign resources to the work order
Define dates when to shoot
Include products to shoot
Set style guides to products
Add model information
Add related products for group shoots
Use digital QR codes


Group products and work orders into different projects, e.g. one project per client or per season
Create dynamic fields for projects
Set project specific information
Manage carry over products with project specific information

Sample management

Check in and check out samples to different locations
Keep track on where samples are
Create and print bar codes / QR codes


Provide instructions for photography
Automatically rename images when uploading
Automatically match asset to product and view
Use Capture one or Adobe bridge labels to select images
Use status on assets to track progress
Use dynamic sequencing to multiply views
Automatic versioning of assets


Download all assets on a Work order
Mass upload ready assets
Use versions across file types


Automate distribution based on status
Send download links to recipients
Add meta data from production, e.g. model information, related assets, etc.

Digital asset management

Set up digital asset management
Allow filtering on any information in the system
Add meta data from production, e.g. model information, related assets, etc.


Measure studio performance
Evaluate time to market
Tailor measurements to your specific KPI's


Access data via API
Set up connection to any external server, e.g. FTP, SFTP
Integrate with PIM, DAM for asset distribution
Integrate with PIM, ERP, PLM for product information